Our Commitment

Our Commitment

InMobi provides growth to mobile service providers around the world by surfacing new revenue opportunities. These solutions are rooted in an unwavering commitment to delivering amazing customer experiences.

Our Commitment

Our proprietary AI powered, and human validated approach enables Telcos to deliver targeted, relevant and engaging content.

MeetSwish Logo

Swish is a unique home screen guide for consumers, helping them consume and navigate dynamic content relevant to their interests. Swish discovery tools and media properties provide an engaging mobile experience and insights.

Elevate Customer Experiences

Power stunning customer experiences to enhance user engagement, build consumer trust and gain loyalty at every stage of a user's journey.

  • Swish Unbox

    Swish Unbox

    One-time engagement for device personalization and app discovery on new devices.

    • Seamless discovery of apps
    • Minimum set up time
    • Curated recommendations
  • Swish Explore

    Swish Explore

    Re-imagine app discovery through the most personalized experience, where content becomes creative, exciting and super snackable to consume.

    • Editorially powered recommendations
    • Curated and categorized content
    • Highly personalized
  • Swish Folders

    Swish Folders

    Enhance user's daily experiences, enrich content journey and grow with improved monetization.

    • Usage based content organization
    • Curated recommendation of apps
    • Personalized and dynamic
  • Swish Web

    Swish Web

    Device native browsing experience becomes seamless, real-time and interactive.

    • Visually stunning and interactive content
    • High user engagement
    • Access to a varied array of content categories

Scale Business Growth

Technology platform to strengthen Telco growth by building compelling user engagement & retention strategies.

  • Advertising for Telco Branding

    Advertising for Telco Branding

    End to end mobile-first marketing platform to empower CMO’s to achieve Telco marketing goals.

    • Improved brand awareness
    • Programmatic outreach
    • Enhanced market penetration
  • Chat with Swish

    Chat with Swish

    Nurture and build customer relationships with one voice. React to customer insights in real time.

    • Address real time customer queries
    • Stay connected with users at all times
    • Higher retention rates
  • Rewards and Referrals

    Rewards and Referrals

    Engagement and re-engagement opportunity with exciting rewards.

    • Effective engagement with customers
    • Build customer loyalty
    • Improve brand affinity

Monetize Digital Assets

Succeed with amplified revenue streams through on-device experiences and data monetization platform.

  • Monetize at Zero Cost

    Monetize at Zero Cost

    Amplify monetization opportunities with InMobi Telco media properties.

    • Monetize with minimum set up cost
    • Higher engagement
    • Enhanced user experience
  • Monetize Through Telco Assets

    Monetize Through Telco Assets

    Empower Telco assets with high performing advertising data for improved monetization.

    • Non-intrusive and relevant content
    • Accelerate time to market
    • Increased customer touchpoints
  • Telco Data Monetization Platform

    Telco Data Monetization Platform

    Convert Telco data into scalable advertising assets. With AI, data intelligence and optimization engines, help Brands through always on, high scale, deterministic channels.

    • Data and insight driven
    • Scalable monetization business unit

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